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02/25/04 [back]
whoa, that was like a whole month without any comics. sorry about that. Keenspace was down for a while you see. and i was also being rather lazy. it took me like 2 weeks to make this one. it should only have taken a evening.

01/22/04 [whoa]
hey, 2 comics in one week! don't get used to it.

01/20/04 [blah blah blah]
i forgot what i was going to say... i had something to say here... but now i forgot it. oh well, i'll think of it later.
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01/04/04 [the Phoenix rises]
>shout it form the roof tops, Abnormal Comics have returned. for now it's just Roy and Sue. i'm still making plans for the potential return of the other comics. Kevin is still working on the new Keeper and i am making plans for the return of Super Hamster. all my plans are still kinda mushy. the only thing i can promise you is that B.A.L. will not be back.

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